The legal consultancy division offers all the legal assistance necessary for business activity by companies and designers plus a series of additional advantages over traditional legal offices:

  • Many years’ experience and knowledge of the mechanisms that govern business negotiations in the fashion sector.
  • Promptness and an ability to foresee the problems that lead to efficiency in intervention.
  • The guarantee of a specialist service at a lower cost than the fees usually applied by law firms, especially for contracts.

Services offered::

  • Assistance with drawing up of contracts (commercial law): from identification of the most appropriate civil institutions, to negotiation of the various agreements through to drafting of the contract for operations both locally and internationally.
  • Assistance with company related legal questions (corporate law): national and international mergers and acquisitions, constitution of firms, company reorganisation and venture capital.
  • Legal consultancy for licensing, brands and intangible rights, protection of distinctive marks, trade and large-scale distribution, representation and agency relationships, debt collection, advertising and commercial promotion campaigns.
  • Legal consultancy for registration and protection of brand names all over the world, including China.



Through an important, qualified law firm in Shanghai, La Quinta offers legal support for management and registration of brands and any pending or future controversies.

Advantages offered::

  • Top quality service.
  • Management in Italian.
  • Advantageous quality-price ratio.
  • Clarity and transparency: before proceeding, we always suggest possible measures to be taken and provide a quotation for the costs involved.
  • Solid applications that are not merely an extension of protection of the international brand in China (through the Madrid System) but specific focused activity in and for China.
  • More official documents as they are drawn up directly and immediately by local institutions on the headed paper of the competent authority.
  • Direct operations with the support of local officials plus consequent rapid execution.
    Protecting owned brands in China is fundamental:

or efficient protection of the intangible property of a company choosing to invest in the People’s Republic of China:

  • as a necessary stage in the realisation of an effective industrial and commercial strategy that pays
  • for defence against disputes that may have important consequences on the use of the brand in China
  • for effective response to any cases of forgery
  • or those who do not yet work in Asia or who work there indirectly, with a view to countering Chinese parties, who after coming into contact with the brand (trade fairs, advertising, representatives, trips to Italy, etc.) deposit it under their own name in China, usurping a right until it is reclaimed/bought back by the legitimate owner; or, worse, export forged products to precisely the market where the legitimate owner of the brand operates.
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