What is Temporary Management?

Temporary management is usually defined as entrusting the management of a company or part thereof to a highly qualified motivated manager, with a view to guaranteeing continuity for the organisation, growing existing managerial competences and, at the same time, resolving its criticalities, both negative (cuts, economic and/or financial reorganisation) and positive (growth, development of new business), with a considerable saving of costs for the company. It is becoming increasingly widespread on the industrial scenario as a privileged model for managing acceleration of company change and innovation.

The Temporary Management division of La Quinta has at its disposal a network of qualified resources with decades of experience in companies of primary importance, mainly specialising in the fashion sector.

La divisione Temporary Management de La Quinta dispone di un network di risorse qualificate con decennali esperienze in aziende di primaria importanza, specializzati principalmente nel settore del fashion.

Our managers work in different areas::

  • Strategic-commercial development
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Temporary Management should be seen as a method via which the company can draw (even for short periods) on qualified resources with the aim of improving both its performance and the level of its management capacity, with the advantage of turning a part of fixed costs into variable costs without incurring strict, costly contract restrictions.

Why choose Temporary Management?

  • efficiency in terms of costs (possibility of access to high-level competences).
  • speedy project start up.
  • quality of managers
  • more open vision of simultaneous active participation in more than one project.
  • motivation of managers, strongly oriented towards the specific project and results.
  • approach of managers is not conditioned by daily operations and corporate logics.
  • lower costs even when results-related.
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