The Marketing division helps clients to identify the best trade, distribution and promotion strategies for correct positioning of a brand/company on the market to aid medium- and long-term growth of the business.

Areas of business: :

  • Development of strategic marketing plans
  • Valuation of a brand’s value (see specifications below)
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis



The “brand” is a strategic “intangible asset”. The market recognises the characterising values of the brand, those that determine its real perceived, acquired and/or potential value.
Thanks to experience and knowledge accumulated over many years, La Quinta can provide highly detailed valuations that go beyond mere technical assessment criteria.

Our activity in this field is to be considered an added plus to the relevant technical assessments: our experience and sensitivity enables us to identify additional intangible and impartial values that may either positively or negatively impact the result of the technical analysis, although the latter will always be the basis for adequate, concrete valuation.
The above criterion takes on particular importance when considering brands’ international potential, even unexpressed. This is all due to our direct, constant presence on the various international markets.

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