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Fashion & Design

The Licensing Division at La Quinta is leader in the fashion and sportswear consultancy sector.

It avails of expert managers and provides concrete high-profile assistance thanks to the knowhow and specific competences it has gathered in more than thirty-five years of activity, working for the most prestigious fashion and design brands and industries.

What is a licensing contract?

With a licensing contract, the brand owner (Licensor) grants a third party (Licensee) use of its brand with a licence for the production and distribution of products in a certain area, through named distribution channels, for a set period of time, for a fee that the Licensor undertakes to pay the Licensee, in the form of a guaranteed minimum and/or royalties calculated as a percentage of the turnover.

Signature of a licence agreement comes at the end of a long, complicated process that, in the interests of all concerned, requires essential knowledge of the markets, their segmentation and the mechanisms that govern them.

A winning remunerative licensing strategy must be based on specific competences if it is to give best results in terms of choice of licensees/licensors, conditions and duration of the contract and above all safeguard the parties’ image.

Our main services

  • On request from the licensor: sourcing of brands/labels for licence development

  • On request from the licensee: sourcing of licensor companies

  • Global management of a licensing project (even when already initiated by the licensee)

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