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Strategic & Marketing

Strategic & Marketing

Company Development and Organisation

The main focus of the Strategic & Marketing Division at La Quinta is strategic and commercial development and organisation,
implemented through the formula best suited to the company’s characteristics, the external competitive context
and adequate assessment of existing assets as these are already a tangible company plus.

Our main services

  • Analysis/rationalisation/implementation of company structure and distribution

  • International Development - Read More

  • New Business

  • Licensing

  • Joint Venture

  • Development of strategic marketing plans

  • Company recovery and relaunch plans - Read More

International Development

Thanks to a consolidated network deep rooted in various geographical areas, one of our main activities is to help companies and brands with design and creation of ambitious remunerative plans for international development programmes. Our direct bases, in China and South Korea for example, allow us to follow and assist companies step by step, directly on their market. Starting with an in-depth, contextualised analysis of the reference market, with suitable weight given to potential success factors and objective criticalities, guidelines are drawn up for development of a concrete, sustainable strategic plan, followed by the consequent operational hypothesis necessary for implementation. We do not stop here, however, as this stage in fact leads to two more activities that greatly distinguish our support for businesspeople:
– Sourcing of funds necessary to guarantee sustainability for the suggested path for international development;
– If requested, management and supervision of the in situ operational implementation stage, also thanks to support from managers who work directly on the reference market, in order to:
a) facilitate the cultural mediation that often represents an obstacle;
b) methodically and constantly monitor goals, developments and results.

Company recovery and relaunch plans

Impellent financial situations can often undermine the inherent value of previously successful company strategy. Everything basically grinds to a halt. Emotional engagement and the pressures due to the ongoing situation condition those involved to the point that everything seems useless and irreparably complex.

Lacking the necessary detachment for rational decision-making, what often happens is a rapid, irreversible loss of brand and company value caused by the incapacity and/or the impossibility to produce strategic plans for the future.

This is where we step in and, based on pre-analysis and following objective feedback in the field, we tackle the situation from a technical, legal, financial and strategic profile, aiming to achieve a relaunch that, without the required emotional detachment, would have been impossible even to imagine.

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