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Private Labels and B2B

The development of integrated projects has, over the years, allowed the Trading Division at La Quinta
to create a network of companies with solid quality and finances,
specialists in the supply of products in various sectors while characterised by the client’s brand.

This kind of business comes under the definition of private labels or B2B.

Our Trading Services

Identification of production sources, either in Italy or elsewhere,
appropriate for brands and companies.

Assistance during negotiations and management of the relationship.

Sourcing of specialist manufacturers for clients’ private labels
in line with their characteristics.

Selection of brands and/or producers with the role of buying office.

Assistance during negotiations and operational management.

An exclusive service

Characterisation is particularly important for this kind of activity and we do not just supply the goods, what we deliver to the client is an exclusive complete project management service, starting with the style/collection through to production and delivery, as well as the management of stock service for continuative products.

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