The Design division intervenes in management of creative consultancy negotiations between designers and companies, helping contact between the parties and providing support in bureaucratic and legal negotiation management of the contract relationship.
Experience gained by La Quinta as a fashion broker and collaboration with internationally famous designers and stylists ensure we provide a top-level, specialist head-hunting service able to meet any request, with proposal of a focused shortlist of designers or companies that are truly suitable and meet all the client’s requisites.

The countless advantages offered by La Quinta consultancy services include a database with over 300 accredited designers and the opportunity for designers and companies to focus exclusively on the creative aspects, while delegating La Quinta with all the organisational and bureaucratic aspects of the consultancy relationship.

Services provided by the Design division:



La Quinta selects the most suitable designer for the brand’s style, its history and future projects and presents the client company with the best 3 or 4 candidates from its own database containing more than 300 industrial and fashion designers.

The service is provided in the stages detailed below:

  • Screening.
  • Selection of 3 or 4 designers that meet the required profile.
  • Definition of contract details.
  • Drawing up and signing of the creative consultancy contract.
  • Legal assistance for drawing up of consultancy contracts with designers already selected by the company  .

Advantages for the company::

  • Absolute anonymity on the market: La Quinta guarantees client privacy and confidentiality.
  • Meetings with only a small number of candidates already selected by La Quinta for valuable savings in terms of time and resources.
  • Support from La Quinta for better definition of the financial aspects of the collaboration, based on the designer’s profile.
  • Legal support for definition of the style consultancy contract.
  • No costs as La Quinta’s commission is calculated as a variable percentage of the fee agreed with the designer on stipulation of the contract.



The La Quinta Design division meets the needs of designers and stylists looking to expand their business with the support of a specialist organisation able to source new partners and/or companies on their behalf, with a view to creative consultancy contracts and management of the administrative/contract aspects of the collaboration.

The service offered to designers and stylists includes: :

  • Registration of the designer’s/stylist’s CV in the La Quinta. database
  • Presentation of the ideal designer’s/stylist’s CV
  • Legal assistance with drawing up of a creative consultancy contract.

Advantages for the designer/stylist:

  • Visibility and promotion of CV
  • Possibility of meeting companies interested in his/her profile
  • Legal support available for drawing up of the consultancy contract
  • Guaranteed payment thanks to the role played by La Quinta
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