• Master License Man for a well-known French brand; territory Asia & South America; medium / high placement.
  • Master License Man and Boy, Italy territory, basic placement, no distributive limits.
  • License (all merchandise) for a well-known French female brand, present throughout the world, high ranking.
  • Beachwear Man and Boy License, Italy territory, basic placement, no distributive limits.
  • Handbags, jewelery & glasses for a well-known female brand, basic placement, no distributive limits.
  • License for young and free time brand, EU territory, retail distribution (multibrand + 50 monobrand stores already operating), average placement.
  • License for a Historical Female Mark; basic placement, no distributive limits.
  • License for an International Italian female brand; EU territory; medium / high placement.
  • A license for a well-known Italian mid-range family brand with a high-recognition trademark; EU territory, average placement, no distribution limits (50 monobrand stores already operating).
  • Women’s license for an Italian brand of international reference; world territory (NO Asia), medium / high placement.
  • License for Man’s Brand, basic and well-known positioning; no distributive limits.

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